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CORRECTED- old council discs

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:38 pm
by Lauren Rider
To my council colleagues:
First and foremost, I stand behind Councilwoman McKenzie as she leads a continued conversation about the Permanent Supportive Housing proposed. I look forward to working with her and the rest of my colleagues as we honor the public process and solve the problems facing our homeless neighbors.

Secondly, If you were put off by someone delivering a set of discs of old city council meetings to you, I will take blame for that.

I think it unfair for a neighborhood to be blamed. Here are the circumstances:
I like to have all information (past and present) relevant to an issue when I’m considering it. Often I want as complete a scope as possible on a topic. That’s who I am- it’s why I became a Librarian.
The Caswell Park issue was no different to me.
Other council members and I requested information relevant to the subject from the Recorders Office. I requested all information pertaining to the purchase of the 5th Avenue lots and the Caswell Park Task Force minutes and notes. The Recorders office informed those who requested information that the city administration wanted to know what information was requested and that copies be provided to them.

This put staff in the Recorders Office in an awkward position. And unfair. I felt I could no longer put the Recorders Office in the middle. I asked a friend and fellow Librarian to get copies of the 2011-era council meetings pertaining to discussion and passage of the OS-1 and OS-2 zoning. When the discs were picked up, a copy was made for each council member. Due to time and cost, my colleague dropped off the discs of old city council meetings.

Thank you for your time,
Lauren Rider